Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our experience at Silver Sands Veterinary Center in Milford, CT

Our experience at Silver Sands Veterinary Center in Milford, CT can be found at the following website. Click on the link below.


We hope you never have the to endure what we did! Our opinion is that, we do NOT recommend Donald H. Deforge, VMD.



Disclaimer: "Lisa Taylor-Austin believes there was merit to her claims that Dr. Deforge negligently cared for her cat, Simba, and that he misrepresented whether he was a Board-certified dental specialist.  Dr. Deforge denies these claims and asserts that the Department of Public Health's veterinary board cleared him of any wrong doing. However, Dr Deforge agreed to pay $7,500.00 to compensate Ms. Taylor-Austin because he believed the risks inherent in any lawsuit and the cost of missing two weeks from his practice made it imprudent to go to trial."

Note: This was a 4.5 year long process. Simba's medical care, including and after Donald H. Deforge's surgery, and all legal fees was in excess of $20,000.


  1. Email received from B. on 9/8/13: " And for what its worth...I have also heard bad things about Dr. DeForge. Again, I am so sorry you and Simba had to go through this. "

  2. Email received on 8/30/13: "Your website is very powerful. The testimony of three expert highly credentialed vets is most impressive. I wonder how they failed to impress the board of health. Something smells rotten. "

  3. Post from C.O.: "There are lots of vets pretending to be specialists when they are not. A lot of show people are conned by this and think they are getting better care than from a "regular" vet. Happened to me - and the reproduction "specialist" left gauze in my dog during a c-section. I then spent almost 5 years trying to get my vet bills paid and for the vet to take responsibility. When vet boards protect the vets instead of the patients everyone suffers. I had video, reports, photos and the vet board still said there"wasn't enough evidence". Later found the vet paid off the board to get his license back."

  4. The first thing that gets my attention, is this..

    "Dr. Deforge denies these claims and asserts that the Department of Public Health’s veterinary board cleared him of any wrong doing."

    They all say this, but in reality what happens is that the case is dismissed or handled through the Administrative Process, and the actual State Board never see's any of it..... Usually 95% of all cases are dismissed in this manner, or I call it maneuvered out of the systems....They protect their own not the public it is sworn to protect..... They condone illegal "legal" drug traffic etc. even the AVMA does..
    These Boards should be called State Vet Protection Board or The Good Ole Boys Club.
    To see how these Boards operate read The Board A Closer Look page at at the bottom of the page is The Board Exposed.

    Rest and Purr Little Simba, in the arms of the Angels, one day they must answer to the Creator whom you belong to, let them lie then !!!

  5. What a great little fighter Ms. Simba, and a brave guardian who went the distance to expose this vet. Shame on the veterinary board that ignored all of the evidence, but it happens all the time. We must never give up speaking up and speaking out against these "doctors" who abuse public trust. Someday the general public who thinks vets can do no wrong will finally get it, like they got it with drunk drivers (MADD) and missing children (John Walsh). Our day will come. Our companions did not die in vain. Ms. Simba is with all the others, and is now part of the army on the other side. Believe it. -- Julie C. The Veterinary Abuse Network.

  6. From the internet: 1st of Dec, 2010 by motheringnature +1 Votes

    I had a similar bad experience Sept 2008. My initial interest in Dr. DeForge was his specialist with dental issues. My dog was born with a hairlip and cleft palette which caused some problems with the position of his front teeth. After 2 years of trying to get an appt. with Dr. DeForge himself, having asked specifically for him when the appt was made, I ended up speaking to another Dr. on his staff - while Dr. DeForge was in the back and refused to come out. 'Comments' were passed after he had the other Dr. bring my dog back to him. During the two visits with this other Doctor, he noted that my dog might have neurological issues and we discussed having him seen by a neurological specialist and I was cautioned that any anesthesia may cause irreversible problems. Fastforward 2 years and I finally get an appt for updated shots and a heartworm blood test. He entered the exam room agitated and aggressive. After examining him and for the first time seeing the issues that he was born with, Dr. DeForge proceeded to point out my dogs issues one by one, called him 'a mess' and told me that I didn't care about him. When I pointed out that I'd been there before, gotten advice from the other Dr. and in fact, even he had seen the dog in the back room, adding that I didn't appreciate being treated this way, he told me to get out and told his front desk to close out my file. Then, even as I was paying, he came up to the front desk, continued to berate me and refused to give me a prescription for the heart worm medication - one of the main reasons for my visit. Upon calling for the blood test results and asking if I could come in and purchase heartworm medication, his receptionist gave Dr. DeForge the phone and I was told that if I showed up, he'd call the police - then he hung up on me. I ended up going to another Dr. to get the heartworm medication, who himself shared a few horror stories with me about Dr. DeForge and stories from other patients that had left him because of similar problems.

    Evidence is clear that he not only doesn't care about his animals by not following the cases or coming out to examine my dog when an appt was been made specifically with him, but also his bedside manner is horrendous. His final insult was that he refused to release my dogs file to me - which include tests from his breeder when he was a puppy right up to rabies and other vaccines. It should be noted that he never did address my dogs dentistry problems - the sole reason why I came to his office to begin with.

    Dr. DeForge should be cited and it's a shame that he continues to practice.

    Taken from

  7. From the internet: "10th of May, 2010 by heisacrazydr. +1 Votes

    I also had a horrible experience with Dr. DeForge.

    My cat had a urinary tract infection, he did not want to treat her with an antibiotic until he got the culture back. He had me treat her with anti-anxiety meds, an anti-seizure med. and steroids for 1 week.

    When the culture came back, it was postive for bacteria and he still did not want to give her and antibiotic. He said she had a stress induced uninary problem and these meds would make her feel better. She was still the same a whole week later.

    I only brought her to this Dr. because he was open on a Sat. and my regular vet was closed.

    I decided to take her to my regular vet and he took her off of all of those meds. and gave her an antibiotic shot, which actually started to work in about 4 hours.

    So, she suffered for a week with this painfull condition all do to Dr. Donald DeForge!!! "


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  9. Taken from Kristina G. on

    My boxer was having a heart attack, and when Deforge checked him, thought he was dehydrated and gave him a bolus of fluid (worst thing to do with heart problems) and sent him home. The next morning we took the dog to Shoreline in Shelton to find out Deforge missed every clear sign of what was wrong. I am thankful to Shoreline for saving my dog's life. I have heard nothing but bad things about Deforge- down to situations where the cops have had to be called. If you care about your animal stay away.

    If you cant see it, clock on "7 filtered" in small letters at the bottom of the page.

  10. Taken from Nate on I will keep this very simple, If you are into animal cruely, then take your pets to Donald Deforge. Do not let his twisted words convince you otherwise. I care not about this man, but about the unfortunate people who may find their pet in his hands. If you love your pet, find another vet. Period.

    If you cant see it, clock on "7 filtered" in small letters at the bottom of the page.